two spirits

Rejoice, if orchard-filling wind should carry
Again the tidal rush of life to you:
Here where a dead tangle
Of memories falls through,
There was no garden but a reliquary.
Look for a flaw rotted in the net that fetters
You now. Break free! Jump out and burst
Forth! This was my prayer for you. My thirst
Will now go easier, my blight less bitter.

Video-essay about Light/Kira from the mini-series “Interpreting Death Note”.ENG SUBS (original language: Italian)
Warning! Massive doses of philosophy and psychology. Also very big spoilers.

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Since English is not my mother tongue, there may be grammar or typing mistakes. Please feel free to contact me and I’ll correct them immediately (✿◠‿◠). Share it if you liked it!
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